16 mm, colour, optical sound, 6 min., 2012.

Shelly Silver (Text Tissue Animal Body, Galerie Oqbo, Berlin):

A drowning man, a running man, a sick man, a sick woman, a smiling woman, a grimacing woman.
A speeding boat, a crashing car, an exploding house. An eagle, owl, turkey, fly, shark, soldier,
snail. Jump, pump, punch, scream. Alberto Cabrera Bernal edits, organizes, presents, barrages us
with three variations of short clips of feature films, trailers, newsreels, advertisements
and countdown leader. The logic of each variationis viscerally perceptible and cognitively inexplicable

Film made out of archival material and structured in three movements, each one with a specific
editing process, all interconnected by patterns of combinatorial mathematics, in search of calculated
visual and sound rhythms. The screen takes the spirit of Kurt Schwitters assemblages through the usage
of images and sounds from various sources.


Black María Film and Video Festival, itinerant exhibition (USA, February - October 2013)
Xcèntric, CCCB, Exquisite Collage (Barcelona, Spain, January 2013)
Olhar de Cinema, Curitiba International Film Festival (Curitiba, Brazil, June 2013)
Lima Independiente International Film Festival (Lima, Peru, June 2013)
Lucca Film Festival (Lucca, Italy, September 2013)
New York Film Festival, Views from the Avant-Garde (NY, USA, October 2013)
Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image (NY, USA, October 2013)
Matadero Madrid Contemporary Art Center (El Ranchito, Madrid, Spain, December 2013)
Galerie Oqbo (Berlin, Germany, January 2014)
La Casa Encendida (Madrid, Spain, February 2014)
CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (Madrid, Spain, March 2014)

Production Notes: