16 mm, b/n, sin sonido, 1 min., 2009


Stepping up on George Maciunas's END AFTER 9 humour factor, I've filmed this replica.
In it, I incorporated the "swapping END for START stunt" and a punctilious plagiarism,
with basically the same time flow, but contradicted the usual cinema structure, which
is always adorned with the same conclusion: THE END. To simply change a word for another
is enough to violently transform the Maciunas film.

The title's descriptive stupidity literally announces what's to come, a count up from 1 to 9,
armed with Fluxus' typical humour. There was a most fortunate camera error during the shooting
of the copyright bit: a screw necessary to stabilize the film got loose, which gave rise
to a notable image vibration. It goes without saying, I didn't correct it. Let's take it
as a Fluxus-inspired accident.